Research support and filtering tool for software vendor products and open source projects.

Project Status:
Project development paused since January 2017. Vendelligence V1 is now archived. I am working on a rewrite that decouples completely from Google APIs based on V1 feedback, and uses its own independent engine.

Vendelligence is a research support and filtering tool for software vendor products and open source projects. It integrates with the Google Custom Search API.

It was developed to support my own technical information needs when working on IT projects.

It provides curated vendor and open source project resources, search-mode, search-and-store mode, and basic list and CRUD operations for stored queries and query metadata.

I wanted to create an adaptive information support system to help me with systems integration and application development activity. I find I am constantly creating text files and documents for myself as knowlege transfer records or as part of research tasks when learning a new stack , researching an API or tackling problem-solution scenarios for a given vendor or open source application.

I wanted a way to record the data for myself, a colleague, or another remote system that might use it in the future. It should only do the curation, filtering, and query-notes storage steps and the output from Vendelligence should be the input to 1 or N other systems that can utilize the stored data.

The refinement filters are based on my own common query patterns when researching topics in vendor products or open source projects.

The project is available on GitHub. That version uses a free Google API that allows 100 queries in 24 hours. If you need more capacity, replace the developer key with your own key or purchase a key from Google.

View Vendelligence project on GitHub.